Ray Mac Stadium Maintenance

Ray Mac Maintenance

SalisburyFC are due to start friendly matches this weekend, as we all know currently Supporters are not allowed to attend. But there are a few maintenance requirements still to be carried out and if any supporter would like to help with some of these tasks to get the stadium ready, please contact John Harper on 07952085901 for more details.
Currently maintenance days are Tuesday and Fridays.

All The 3s! Round 4.

Salisbury FC Supporters Club is pleased to announce ROUND 4 of our online 50/50 style competition, All The 3s!

It differs from our usual 50/50 as the pot is being split 3 ways. We feel it is right to also include the NHS Salisbury Hospital Stars Appeal.

The pot will be split as follows…

1/3 will be the prize*.

1/3 will be going to the NHS Salisbury Hospital Stars Appeal*.

1/3 will go to the football club*.

The competition will run for 2 weeks or until 500 tickets are sold.

As we seem to have an obsession with the number 3, tickets are £3 each.
Be in it to win it and support the club and our local hospital. 

Enter Here 

You will receive your ticket number via email but it will be stored on our server ready for the draw too.


Promoter: T.Purse, Salisbury FC, Partridge Way, Salisbury on behalf of  Salisbury FC Supporters Club – Licence No: LN/0010226
*Payment gateway fees will be deducted.
Competition closes at 9 am 17/08/20


All the 3’s Online Draw Round 3

The draw for the 3rd Round of All the 3’s Online Draw took place this morning at the Ray Mac. The winning ticket number 40 was draw out by Lloyd Mugridge.
Congratulations to Ray Neal who was the lucky winner and it wins him £101.
£101 also goes to Salisbury FC and Salisbury District Hospital “Stars Appeal ”.

Cancellation of Away Travel Coach to Saturday’s Game at Truro.

Unfortunately due to the small numbers of supporters wishing to travel to this Saturday’s away game at Truro, we have had to cancel the coach. Due to the high cost of the coach to Truro we needed to fill the 34 seater or even 54 to keep the cost low enough for out Supporters.
If any Supporters travelling by car have a spare seat please post on FB or contact the Supporters Club if you would be prepared to take a fellow supporter to Saturday’s game.