1.1. The name of the association/organisation shall be called the “Salisbury FC Supporters Club” hereafter referred to as SFCSC.
    2.1. Represent and campaign on behalf of Salisbury FC supporters, on issues decided by the AGM and/or the Committee of the Association
    2.2. Establish and maintain channels of communication with the Directors and Management of Salisbury Football Club and encourage them to appreciate, welcome and value the support and participation of all Salisbury fans, and ensure that equal opportunities are promoted for all supporters
    2.3. Organise high quality services for SFCSC members such as away travel, competitions and social functions
    2.4. Offer financial input to Salisbury FC, strictly from within the Supporters Club with money raised through a variety of fund raising events
    2.5. Increase the opportunities for Salisbury FC supporters to express their active support of the Club
    2.6. Affiliate to appropriate football supporters’ associations and encourage social activity between supporters of other football clubs.
    2.7. To enable the community to benefit, wherever possible, from the activities of the Supporters Club.
    2.8. To do all things that may be deemed necessary to facilitate the objectives of the Supporters Club.
    3.1. The Group’s membership is open to all who support Salisbury Football Club. The Group is committed to fairness and equality for all regardless of their colour, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, age, religion or belief.
    3.2. There will be one type of category of membership, namely full membership including all benefits. The membership year shall commence on 1st August annually.
    3.3. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held by the month of July each year.
    3.4. Membership fees will be proposed by the committee for adoption at each AGM.
    3.5. Individual membership annual subscriptions must be paid before the member is given
    voting rights and any benefits of Group membership suspended until payment is made.Membership ceases after the AGM each year.
    3.6. Every candidate seeking membership of the Supporters Club will complete an application form which will be submitted to the committee for consideration. Such a committee will have absolute discretion for its acceptance and the issue of membership card and copy of the constitution.
    3.7. No application will be approved unless acceptance of the rules is given and current membership fees are duly paid.
    3.8. In the event of any member making payment for an excursion fare or the like and failing to appear any reimbursement sought will be at the discretion of the Supporters Club committee or a nominee of the committee.
    3.9. The Supporters Club committee shall have the power to reprimand, suspend or expel any member who shall infringe the rules or whose conduct shall,in the opinion, render him/her unfit for membership of the Supporters Club. In the event of a member being suspended for any reason, such suspension will take effect as and from the date of such incident, which will be considered as soon as possible by the Committee. The member will be notified of the decision and allowed 7 days in which to appeal.Should payment be made by cheque and for any reason is dishonoured upon eventual presentation, the member involved will be liable to any administration costs involved.
    4.1. An Executive Committee consisting of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, and at least 3 other persons shall be formed and elected annually. Nominations for election to the committee, proposed and seconded , can be made during or prior to the AGM.
    4.2. The Committee shall have powers to fill any vacancy in their membership through co-option until the Annual General Meeting (AGM).The committee may invite lay-persons to attend its meetings as either an observer or in an advisory capacity, this procedure is without voting powers.
    4.3. Any committee member who fails to attend three consecutive meetings without reasonable explanation will be deemed as having resigned from the body.
    4.4. The committee shall meet once a month or as and when necessary to discuss Supporters Club business. Open meetings for all members will be held at least once a year.
    5.1. The Chairperson shall preside at all meetings, including Committee Meetings. They shall have a deliberate vote and a casting vote in all decisions. In their absence the chair shall be filled by the Secretary, or failing them, a member appointed by the Committee members present at any such meeting.
    5.2. The Secretary will issue all notices calling meetings of the Group and Committee, and in general attend to all correspondence. They will keep records of meetings and engross them into the Minute Book. They will post copies of Minutes to all Member Clubs/Group Secretaries in rotation with meetings.
    5.3. The Treasurer shall keep correct records of all transactions in the Group funds. They shall keep a bank account in the name of the Group, to be operated by any two from The Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, or Membership Secretary. They shall submit a statement to the Committee at each Committee Meeting and at the end of the financial year shall close their books and prepare a statement of account inclusive of all receipts and expenditure to be presented to the AGM. When it is deemed appropriate, the statement of account will be audited by an appropriate independent individual. The Financial year will run from 1st June until 31st May each year.
    5.4. The Membership Secretary will keep a record of all members of the Group. They will be responsible to; collect any membership fees and/or subscriptions; ensure that any monies collected are accounted for and paid over in full to the Treasurer within one month of collection; issue receipts and/or any other form of confirmation of membership of the Group; ensure that the membership of any Group member who leaves the Group in any way (including expulsion) is rescinded.
    5.5. The Website Administrator will ensure that a website is in place, that it is maintained up to date with the business of the committee being published on the website and all other activities being listed accordingly.
    6.1. The quorum at Supporters Club committee meetings shall be not less than 3 people.
    6.2. The quorum at AGM of the Supporters Club shall be not less than 30 members or 25% of the membership, whichever is the smallest, this include sitting members of the committee.
    7.1. The AGM shall take place at a given by June of each year.
    7.2. The Executive Committee shall give at least 28 days clear notice of any annual, extraordinary or general meeting.
    7.3. Any items for the agenda have to be submitted to the Committee Secretary in writing at least 14 days prior to the AGM.
    7.4. Each full paid up member shall have one vote at an AGM by show of hands or by private recorded vote. In the event of a tie the Chairperson will have the casting vote.
    7.5. The main purpose of the AGM will be
    7.5.1. To approve and sanction the appointment of the Supporters Club committee.
    7.5.2. To receive, review and if approved, the adoption of the annual report and statement of the Supporters Club accounts for the proceeding year.
    7.5.3. To deal with any special matters raised by the membership, subject to notification, or at the discretion of the Chairperson.
    7.5.4. To appoint independent auditors as appropriate to ratify acts undertaken by the Supporters Club and committee in the proceeding year.
    8.1. The purpose of an EGM is to deal with an urgent item of business that would normally only be dealt with at an AGM but for what-ever reason has arisen at some other time. An EGM can be called at any time by either a majority of the full committee membership or 25% of the individual membership. Reasons for requesting an EGM must be made in writing to the Secretary. These reasons will then be stated in a notice to the full membership of the Group with 14 days notification of the EGM being given to Members.
    9.1. The Treasurer shall at all times ensure that proper records are kept of all transactions connected with Supporters Club activities.
    9.2. A bank account with a recognised, regulated institution shall be opened and all monies received shall be paid into such an account. All cheques drawn shall bear the signature of two authorised Supporters Club committee signatories.
    9.3. Accounts of the Supporters Club shall be prepared annually.
    9.4. No money or property of the Supporters Club or any gain arising from the carrying out of its activities shall be applied, otherwise than in accordance with the approved and valid constitution.
    10.1. All complaints must be made to the Secretary in writing. Differences between members shall be referred to the Committee who shall have the power to deal with any complaint as they deem fit.
  11. OTHER
    11.1. The Salisbury FC Supporters Club can be referred to in matters above as Supporters Club.
    11.2. The Supporters Club and its elected committee shall at all times adhere to the constitution and rules as approved by each AGM. Any amendment thereto shall be adopted or repealed by the majority vote of members present at an extra-ordinary or AGM.
    11.3. Any personal data including, but not limited to, membership details, must not be freely available. The said details must only be held by the person responsible for membership and not made available to ANY other party (Data Protection Act).
    11.4. A resolution for the alteration of the rules must be received by the Secretary at least 14 clear days prior to a meeting taking place. Any such notice or request shall be given in writing to the secretary who will circulate the proposed alterations.
    11.5. A full copy of the constitution is available to view on the SFCSC website and can be made available in print by the secretary to members upon receipt of any such request.
    11.6. No member may use the name, style or title of the Supporters Club without committee authority.
    11.7. The committee has the power to elect a ‘Honorary President’ who will not be a member of the committee nor will he be an officer. His role is instead to represent the committee at functions and presentations.

Dated: July 2015