March 50/50 Winners!

March seen just the two home games, but £1,117 was handed over in prize money!
Our first winner, Alun Stevens! Who took home £527 from the Chesham United game.
The second winner in March, Lee Andrews! Winner of the biggest 50/50 prize so far this season, taking home £590 from the Merthyr Town game.

A Big Milestone!

Half time at the Chesham United game, members of the Supporters Club stepped onto the pitch with chairman Ian Hammond to donate another £3000 to the club. We are very proud to say that takes us to £10,000 donated this season!

Every time you buy a 50/50 ticket or turn up to an event put on it all helps! So thank you.

Photo by, Roger Elliott.

February 50/50 Winners!

We had just the two home games this month, but still handed out £866 in prize money.

Our first winner, Pete Martin! Who took home £423 after the Poole Town game.

Then, from the game against Didcot Town. £443 was handed over to Roger Brocksom.